November 6, 1998

Text of Pope John Paul II's address
at beatification

(The following is Pope John Paul II’s text delivered at the beatification ceremonies of Mother Theodore Guérin.)

“Mother Theodore Guérin, foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, holy woman of God, lived a life of extraordinary love. Her love for God totally filled her being.

From that love came her deep caring for people in their sufferings and in their joys. Her love embraced even those who caused her pain and anguish. She transformed the hardest hearts by her inspired words.

Mother Theodore was truly a humble woman of God. While she possessed all the gifts necessary for leadership and used them brilliantly, she was always humble and gave God credit for all the good she did.

Her trust in her provident God was ever present in her life. In founding the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, she called upon God’s providence in all things. In her words, “Put yourself gently into the hands of Providence,” she recognized that all she did was in God’s loving care.

In the midst of trial and suffering, she embraced her crosses with full confidence that God would provide. She refused God no sacrifice that he asked of her.

Her life was a perfect blend of humanness and holiness. She was fully human, fully alive, yet her deep spirituality was woven visibly through the very fabric of her life.

This woman, Mother Theodore Guérin, is indeed a woman for our time. She is a model of the best of womanhood. We present her to the world this day as blessed. †

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