September 16, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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A challenge to tithe and experience God’s love and generosity firsthand

After reading Richard Etienne’s column regarding tithing in the July 15 issue of The Criterion, I felt compelled to write and express my whole-hearted agreement with his sentiment.

My husband and I have consistently donated to our parish and charities throughout our marriage, but I don’t think we ever reached a 10% benchmark. 

Several years ago, my job status changed, and I was unemployed; needless to say, quite a shock and upset to our lives.

We would no longer have the income that allowed us to donate to our parish at the same level we had pledged earlier in the year. We decided that we would donate 10% of whatever funds came to us, tax refunds, unemployment benefits, salary, etc. to our parish.

Although I returned to work and we regained our financial security, we have continued with this practice into our retirement.

We also have found that “God will not be outdone in generosity” and have experienced his generosity repeatedly. We have been blessed in many ways!

We, too, would like to challenge others to tithe and experience God’s love and generosity firsthand. 

- Donna J. Lecher | Greensburg

Local synod report is a reminder we must enhance transparency

It was gratifying to read in the Aug. 12 edition of The Criterion a description of the archdiocesan participation in the plan of Pope Francis that the voices of the people of God be heard from all over the world. This is in preparation for a Synod of Bishops in Rome in 2023. I encourage readers to access the full report at

I look forward to substantial reporting in the future on the progress of the synod, which will be a major event in Church history.

In the archdiocesan report, it was stated that the activities of the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council were described frequently in the diocesan newspaper. I peruse The Criterion every week, but do not recall such information. I visited the archdiocesan web site and found mention of the group only twice—one time in December 2020 and again in April 2015. A listing of the current membership of the group and copies of its minutes may exist somewhere but were not easily accessible on the website.

Connection with this important source of lay participation in the life of the Church would enhance the transparency which should be an integral part of our faith lives.

- Ellen Healey | Indianapolis

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