September 9, 2022

Catechesis Supplement

10 Ways Parishes Can Enter Year 1 of the 3-Year National Eucharistic Revival

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June 2022 marked the beginning of a 3-year period on intense focus on encountering Jesus in the Eucharist. When the parish phase starts in June 2023, parishes who follow the steps listed below will be well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity to deepen faith in neighborhoods, communities and families throughout the archdiocese.


Parish leaders can start praying daily that the Eucharistic Revival bears good fruit by God’s grace and mercy.


At least one person, appointed by the pastor or parish life coordinator, can monitor the main sources of information about the Revival at national and Archdiocesan levels. (A good example is to sign up for the e-newsletter at


Take stock of all activities currently occurring in the parish—practices that focus on encountering Jesus in the Eucharist. Note especially any gaps in groups served or ministries currently lacking a strong, eucharistic component.

Ask for Prayer

Invite parishioners to pray for an increase in devotion to the Eucharist among all parish members. Initiate or enhance opportunities for parishioners to spend time praying with our Lord present in the Blessed Sacrament.


All parish leaders could read and discuss The Mystery of the Eucharist in the Life of the Church and/or access the free mini-course on this document via the Revival website:


Each parish meeting could start with a brief agenda item encouraging reflection and discussion on a short passage from Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition—a passage referencing the Eucharist.

Encourage Penance

Additional opportunities to celebrate the sacrament of penance could be made available as needed. Confessors could help penitents appreciate more deeply the connections between this sacrament and the Eucharist.


Conversations among leaders in clusters, cohorts, deaneries and regions of the archdiocese could accelerate the sharing of best practices regarding Eucharistic devotion as well as connecting the Eucharist to mission and service.


Parishioners could be asked for ideas on how their faith community could highlight the encounter with Jesus unique to the Eucharist.


Sustained prayer throughout Year 1 of this revival will help each parish discern how best to live out the potential of this initiative, especially starting in June 2023 (Year 2).

For updates on the National Eucharistic Revival, go to

May Our Lady of Guadalupe and Blessed Carlo Acutis pray for us! †

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