June 10, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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As Catholics, we must be people of love and must feed our faith

I’m not the world’s greatest apologist.

I am not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Others can express what I want to say with greater clarity and eloquence about right and wrong, of morality, evil and unjust laws, on the misinformation and correct information about the Catholic Church, or the beauty of the faith.

What I do know is that individually, we must learn and continue to learn more about our own Catholicism—its rich history, traditions and roots.

We need to cultivate our own prayer life—and enter into the interior castle of the soul. We need to revisit our catechism.

Read and pray the Bible. Read spiritual books and articles from trusted sources. Learn about the doctors of the Church, mysteries of the faith, and develop our interior spiritual lives.

In short, we need to do all these things not only for greater comprehension of what it means to be Catholic and put it into practice, but also to bear faithful witness to our faith and to others. Only then will we be armed with the truth and understanding about our faith. Only then will we be able to confront the secularism and erosion of morals within the Church and in society at large.

There is no room for compromise. We cannot cherry pick and choose so that our faith fits our own comfort levels and narrative.

We have to accept the official teachings of our faith fully, the easy parts and the difficult ones.

We must be a people of love. They who would attempt to separate faith from love have no clue what faith is. Faith is the soul daring to go farther than it can see.

When you feed your faith, your fears starve to death.

- Kirth N. Roach | Order of Carmelite Discalced Secular | Indianapolis

Reader: Newspaper helps me grow in my faith

I love The Criterion.

You have helped me grow in my faith.

I hope the newspaper continues to come.

God bless you for all the good work you do.

- Mary Rader | Greenwood

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