June 3, 2022

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from four weeks ago:

Reader offers thanks to newspaper, staff at Our Lady of the Greenwood Parish

The purpose of this letter is a thank-you note to the editors and all the staff writers who publish The Criterion each week. Because of the many outstanding articles, I read the paper from cover to cover.

Because of the many problems in our world, it is impossible to write every story as a positive event. However, the great majority of your articles are not only very positive, but also spiritually inspiring.

Since I’m not on the Internet, The Criterion is an excellent source of information for the events related to Archbishop Charles C. Thompson and Pope Francis. It keeps me informed about events in the Catholic Church outside of the United States.

At the age of 90, I have concerns about the future leaders of our nation. When I read articles in The Criterion about the high school essay contest winners, the National Catholic Youth Conference held in Indianapolis last year, and the successful performance of Catholic school athletic teams, I know our future will be a bright one. These young Catholic leaders will be well prepared to confront any challenge they encounter.

Since this is a thank-you letter, I considered it appropriate to acknowledge the outstanding spiritual care we receive from my parish, Our Lady of the Greenwood in Greenwood.

All the Catholics living at our senior living community, Greenwood Village South, receive Communion every Sunday from extraordinary ministers of holy Communion from Our Lady of the Greenwood. The last Wednesday of each month, Father Todd Goodson, the parish’s pastor, hears confessions and celebrates Mass.

Catholics living here are blessed to have such dedicated individuals at Our Lady of the Greenwood Parish.

- Al Neyman | Greenwood

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