April 29, 2022


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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ALLEN, Ray W., 61, St. Joseph, Corydon, April 11. Husband of Karen Allen. Father of Kari Rae Sullivan and Nick Allen. Son of Jean Allen. Brother of Diane Gravitt, John and Tony Allen. Grandfather of six.

BLUM, Joe, 82, St. Mark, Perry County, April 12. Husband of Becky Blum. Father of Bill and Kevin Blum. Brother of Alan Blum. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of one.

BUSSEN, James D., 85, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Richmond, April 5. Husband of Iris Bussen. Father of Teresa Hale, Victoria Martin, Mary and Timothy Bussen. Brother of Nancy. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of three.

HALL, Kathryn, 85, St. Mary, Greensburg, April 14. Mother of Bridgett Alltop and Robert Hall. Sister of Carl and Jim Hellmich. Grandmother of six.

HALTER, John R., 82, St. Jude, Indianapolis, April 10. Father of Angie Heinzelman, Amy Pfeiffer and Gary Halter. Brother of Linda Gaither and Bob Halter. Grandfather of nine. Great-grandfather of two.

HUDECEK, Edward J., 65, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, April 6. Husband of Cindy Hudecek. Father of Kristen Shiply and Michael Hudecek. Son of Mary Ann Hudecek. Brother of Kelly Gallerani, Karla and Eric Hudecek. Grandfather of two.

JACOBSON, Bob, 76, Prince of Peace, Madison, April 17. Husband of Deborah Jacobson. Father of Erin Jacobson-Allen. Brother of Philip Jacobson. Grandfather of two.

MULLIS, Mary Alice, 82, St. Boniface, Fulda, April 9. Mother of Jackie Bozarth, Cheryl Hanloh, Peggy Wendholt, Gene, James and Randy Mullis. Grandmother of 11. Great-grandmother of six.

NICHOLS, Tom, 92, Prince of Peace, Madison, April 16. Husband of Ruby Nichols. Father of Barb Hart and Beth Kring. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of three.

PAVEY, Richard, 89, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, April 6. Stepfather of Janet and John Froelich. Grandfather of three. Great-grandfather of one.

SAMAGAIA, Carlos, 68, St. Lawrence, Lawrenceburg, April 14. Husband of Elisa Samagaia. Father of Michelle Bullard, Chrystal Christy and Stephanie Samagaia Rolon. Brother of Florabela Nienaber, Josephine, Leane and John Leite. Grandfather of four.

SCHULER, Fanny P., 90, St. Michael, Brookville, April 15. Mother of Gayle Bolduc, Patricia Cooley, Hilda Johnson, Sharon and James Schuler. Sister of Cathy Graf, Joyce Rich and James Morgan. Grandmother of 20. Great-grandmother of 34. Great-great-grandmother of eight.

SCHY, Darlene M., 75, St. John Paul II, Sellersburg, April 2. Wife of Martin Schy. Mother of Ben and Tony Schy. Sister of Phyllis Andres, Denise Bombersbach, Karen Thomas, Jerry and Juder Smith. Grandmother of four.

SPITZNAGEL, Dolores A., 96, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville, April 18. Mother of Susie Block, Kathy Coleman, Carol and Mary Lu Fisher, Sandy Herman, Debby Reiter, Danny, Frank III, Gary and Rick Spitznagel. Grandmother of 25. Great-grandmother of 48.

STENGER, Kathleen, 67, All Saints Parish, Dearborn County, April 12. Wife of Rick Stenger. Mother of Victoria Cromer, Jessica Oakley, Kassandra Stenger-Egger, Eric and Matthew Stenger. Sister of Barbara Banks, Diane Holtzhouser, Christina Ramsey, Douglas, Gregory and Richard Metz. Grandmother of six.

WELDISHOFER, Mary C., 81, All Saints Parish, Dearborn County, April 15. Mother of Amber Wilson, Greg, Lance, Mitch, Ron, Terry and Tyler Weldishofer. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of two.

WILLIAMS, Ronald A., 63, St. Louis, Batesville, April 14. Husband of Denean Williams. Father of Kimberly Lothridge, Cassandra Wessel, Corryn, Gabrielle, Jessi, Veronica and John Williams. Son of Barbara Whalbring. Brother of Charles Best. Grandfather of 11. †

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