April 22, 2022

My Journey to God


The waters of baptism flow down through the ages to welcome all Christians to life.
The Spirit of God transforms our spirits to form a river of love.
When water and Spirit are joined in our hearts, a fountain of love explodes
To water creation with goodness and kindness, the grace of God passed on,
To bring our world comfort and peace and soothe our weary souls.

Father, into your hands, we commend our lives.

When you are troubled and see no end to life’s sorrow and pain,
Remember the Savior who came to our world to give us life again.
Eternal reward is right ‘round the bend for those who persevere
And love as Christ loved and care as Christ cared for all who suffer in pain,
To take ‘way their sorrow, lift up their hearts and bring them joy again.

Father, into your hands, we commend our lives.

Water and Spirit and Jesus our Savior are gifts that God extends
To bring us to heav’n, forever to live with Him, our maker and friend.
To pass on these gifts, we open our hearts to our loving Father in prayer
To hear His words and do as He asks to spread His love to all,
To wash us with grace, bring peace to our world and joy to our hearts again.

Father, into your hands, we commend our lives.

By Mike Walro

(Mike Walro is a member of Prince of Peace Parish in Madison.)

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