April 8, 2022

My Journey to God

Holy Week Journey

We enter Jerusalem with Jesus
overcome by the deafening shouts of, “Hosanna!”
seeing our teacher, mentor, friend
esteemed, honored, recognized for who he is.
Eagerly we anticipate the Passover
unaware that just ahead
lie days of agony, of loss, of pain,
of love, of betrayal,
of fear, of forgiveness,
of suspicion, of sacrifice.
But Jesus knows…
these are the final moments,
his last opportunity to teach His disciples,
the end of a ministry
that has attracted followers,
alienated the law-keepers,
filled some with awe and praise,
others with anger and hatred.
Now is the acceptable time,
soon to be the day of salvation.
And so we walk the Jerusalem journey,
to the cross, to the tomb,
to eternal life!

By Benedictine Sister Susan Lindstrom

(Lauren Smith is a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis.)

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