April 1, 2022

My Journey to God

A Love Letter to the Lord from the Heart

Simple such a moment is this.
Embracing this moment with You,
in pure simplicity,
my soul grows in love with You,
oh so deeply, quietly, and intuitively.

Quiet such a moment is this.
Listening in this moment with You,
in pure silence,
my soul leaps for joy,
oh so comfortably, gently, and freely.

Peace such a moment is this.
Deepening this moment with You,
in pure gentleness,
my soul is in awe of You,
oh so wondrously, presently, and sweetly.

i love You,
and surrender everything to You,
freely, sincerely, and selflessly.

May this life,
Your life in me, overflow,
with kindness, generosity,
compassion, and love,
to serve You and the Church,
in more ways than one,
diversely, authentically, and sacrificially.

O most Sacred and Precious,
Heart of Jesus,
touch this soul to be more like You,
in His image,
in His likeness,
deeply and presently.
Thy Will be done.


By Lauren Smith

(Lauren Smith is a member of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis.)

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