March 11, 2022

My Journey to God

Living Light

Oh my heavenly Father,
My dear God above,
Draw me to your Living Light,
Your everlasting love.
Lead me from this darkened world,
This cold, foreboding place.
Bring me to your Holy Light
Safe in your embrace.
I know I still have work to do,
And I try to do it well,
But I long to live within your grace,
Away from evil’s spell.
But part of what I still must learn
Is to recognize your Light
Still shines in the darkest times,
The coldest, frozen night.
It isn’t that you’re far away,
It’s just that I can’t see
That all these things that seem so wrong
Are actually meant to be.
These trials strengthen and temper me
For the toughest test of all,
To look deep inside myself
At the hatred, greed, and gall
That rot my heart and bleed my soul,
Then spew forth from my maw,
When I turn away from you,
And into darkness fall.

By M. Lynell Chamberlain

(M. Lynell Chamberlain is a member of St. John Paul II Parish in Sellersburg.)

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