January 28, 2022

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Senior learns to lean on others—and to reach out to them to help

By John Shaughnessy

Natalie PriserLike many students, Natalie Priser has felt the influence of COVID-19 in her life. The senior at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis has also seen the impact it’s had on her faith and her appreciation of her Catholic education.

“The past year has really pushed me to rely on my faith, especially in the unknown times where I had to trust God that everything would work out,” Natalie says.

“Catholic education is something that sometimes I may take for granted, but then I think about what life would be like without having attended Christ the King School or Bishop Chatard, and I realize that everything would be different. I wouldn’t have as many opportunities to meet people who share the same faith, and I wouldn’t have a group of people that I know I can lean on when it comes to my faith.”

Her four years at Bishop Chatard have not only led her to lean on people who share her faith, but to learn how to use her faith to reach out to others.

“In addition to having theology classes, each class really focuses on bringing in matters of faith and connecting it to certain lessons, which has encouraged me to see how my faith can play a role in such a variety of different matters.

“I have become very actively involved in the campus ministry program at Bishop Chatard this year. Through campus ministry, as well as the help of fellow students, I had the opportunity to create my own program called ‘Service Ministries,’ which has helped me to see how I can connect my values of service with my love for being involved at Chatard. The Catholic education at Chatard has encouraged me to become more involved in my community.”

She has no doubt that foundation will continue into her future.

“The importance of service has been stressed in a way that I know will help me to continue living in a way that focuses on helping others.” †


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