January 28, 2022

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Senior appreciates the role models she has known, the roots she has been given

By John Shaughnessy

Cierra BerrySeniors in high school are always considered as the role models for other students. It’s a responsibility that Cierra Berry takes seriously because of the role models who have influenced her at Father Thomas Scecina Memorial High School in Indianapolis—her teachers.

“Scecina teachers not only care about their students’ education, they also care about each of their students as their own,” Cierra says. “The teachers are doing their part by serving as Christians. Coming to school every day and seeing the teachers do their service expresses how important service is in the Catholic faith.

“I couldn’t ask for a better education than the one that Scecina Memorial and Our Lady of Lourdes School have provided for me.”

She especially appreciates how her Catholic education has shaped her life and her faith.

“I will forever consider myself a child of God and express my faith in my everyday life, because that is what Father Thomas Scecina did. ‘Giving that little extra’ is his motto that we live by at Scecina.

“Learning from a young age to love myself because God loves me has helped me through many rough times and has made me recognize the true definition of love. I appreciate how important it is to express that to others every day.”

Cierra embraces her future beyond Scecina because she knows she can count on the foundation of her four years there.

“Knowing that I will always have a large, loving community of people behind me in good times and bad times is reassuring. One example this year especially was having the stands full to cheer on our football team in Semi-State. The fact that so many people were willing to come out, in the freezing cold, to cheer on their school showed the Catholic unity that Scecina embodies.

“Scecina is my family and will forever be my root.” †


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