January 28, 2022

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Catholic schools: Sharing the mission of Jesus Christ and celebrating an education that transforms the heart, mind and soul

Dear Friends in Christ,

Most Reverend Charles C. ThompsonThe Archdiocese of Indianapolis takes great pride in its long history of Catholic formation and education. Catholic Schools Week provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the blessing of Catholic schools in individual lives, families and communities throughout central and southern Indiana. Within its 39 counties, the archdiocese boasts of 68 Catholic grade and high schools as well as two Catholic seminaries and two Catholic universities.

The national theme for Catholic Schools Week—Faith, Excellence, Service—highlights the transformational mission of Catholic schools; namely, a holistic concept of developing the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical character of each student through ongoing formation and education.

The focus of Catholic schools, both inside and outside the classroom, includes the formation of the heart as well as the education of the mind. The development of morals and faith leading to

Christ-centered witness in worship and service, as referenced in our theme, is central to this mission. Our concern is for every aspect of the person, but especially with salvation of the soul.

We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all those who make our Catholic schools what they are for us. Special thanks to all those serving in our schools—presidents, principals, faculty, staff, coaches and volunteers—as well as the tremendous team that makes up our archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools. The greatest ambassadors of our Catholic schools, of course, are our students and their families. Your witness of faith, in both word and action, is the most inspiring means of highlighting the value of Catholic schools.

Ultimately, as the crucifix in every classroom is meant to remind us, we must always keep before us that our Catholic schools exist to carry forth the mission of Jesus Christ in proclaiming the kingdom of God at hand and bringing about the good news of salvation. All for the glory of God, we have much to celebrate!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson
Archbishop of Indianapolis


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