December 10, 2021

My Journey to God

Christmas Presence

I promise you this year
an unhurried heart.

I promise to step down
from my merry-go-round
and look at you
when you talk
and really listen
and take the time
to walk with you
in the silent
falling snow.

I promise to take you
you love to go
and wait until
you’re ready
and not complain.
I promise to bring you
steaming coffee
if we get caught
in winter rain.

I promise I’ll gift wrap
your package myself
and help hang memories
on our tree.
I promise to sing
carols with you
and build a fire
and string
the blinking lights

I promise we’ll open
presents at midnight
and when the bells
are ringing
Christmas Day
I promise Mary’s child
will find me kneeling
close beside you
on the hay.

By Sandra Marek Behringer

(Sandra Marek Behringer is a member of St. Luke the Evangelist Parish in Indianapolis. The poem is from her book Only a Passage.)

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