October 29, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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In upcoming election cycles, Church doctrine needs to guide voters, reader says

We are approaching a time one year from the 2022 mid-term elections when we elect those who represent our views and send them to Washington to work for us.

It is also time for all Church leaders (cardinals, bishops, priests) to step to the podium to start addressing congregations as Catholics as to what our responsibilities are to obey Church doctrine.

I feel that in the 2020 elections the Church was too late in stepping up to address one of the main issues, abortion.

We ended up with a “devout Catholic” as this country’s leader who has historically supported abortion rights. To advise us to “let your conscience be your guide” is not adequate. It needs to be “let Church doctrine be your guide.”

It’s time to start evaluating candidates’ position on this issue of abortion if we are ever going to end this tragedy. With the right lawmakers and judges put in place, this can be done.

But we can’t wait until election day. Work needs to start on it now! It’s not women’s health care, it’s killing of the unborn.

I don’t claim to be a devout Catholic because I am not. But I do know

abortion is wrong.

- John Glaub | Batesville

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