September 17, 2021

Migration Week calls people to care for the vulnerable

By John Shaughnessy

The archdiocese will mark National Migration Week on Sept. 20-26, participating in the “opportunity for the Church to reflect on the circumstances confronting migrants, including immigrants, refugees, children, and victims and survivors of human trafficking.”

“Migration Week is great reminder for us all to take the time to learn about each other,” says Theresa Chamblee, director of social concerns of the archdiocese’s Catholic Charities.

“To be able to express concern for different vulnerable people who are on the move around the world or in our country. To pray for them and the challenges they face. To see our migrant neighbors not as a statistic, but as people who laugh, cry, have dreams and desire security. Migration Week is a reminder that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.”

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At the same time, Catholic Charities in the archdiocese provides assistance to migrants, immigrants and refugees year-round.

“Our Catholic Charities Indianapolis Refugee and Immigrant Services provides advocacy, family reunification, job assistance and help in setting up a household for refugees resettling in the Indianapolis area,” Chamblee notes. “We also provide legal advice and representation to immigrants and their families.”

Another Catholic Charities program strives to develop relationships between parishes and immigrants—Catholic Accompaniment and Reflective Experience (CARE).

“The CARE program helps to remind us all what it means to welcome, encounter and accompany our immigrant neighbors who may need a helping hand, some guidance or just a smile that says they matter,” Chamblee says.

For parishes, families and individuals seeking ideas to become involved in Migration Week, Chamblee recommends checking the 2021 Archindy Migration Week Toolkit at

To volunteer or learn more about Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigrant Services, contact Beth Carney at or 317-236-1592.

For more information about the CARE program, contact Simona Reising at or 317-236-1457. †

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