September 3, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from two weeks ago:

A much appreciated thank you for an explanation of the luminous mysteries

Plaudits to John F. “Jack” Fink! His reflection in the July 30 issue of The Criterion on the rationale for the institution by St. John Paul II of the luminous mysteries of the rosary was truly enlightening!

Until now, I had almost found this insertion into my traditional rosary prayers an unwelcome challenge. They seemed so difficult merely to remember.

However, once I read Fink’s story on their development—and why—it all made so much more sense to me!

Why wouldn’t we want to meditate on who Jesus was during those three years of his public life? That proved a tremendous help to me personally for now being able to better recall the luminous events and to meditate on Jesus’ last three years.

Thank you, Mr. Fink!

- Mary Lou Kanach | Naples, Fl.

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