June 4, 2021

Archbishop praises CYO volunteers as being ‘enduring witnesses of Christ’

By John Shaughnessy

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) logoDuring an evening celebrating the volunteer spirit of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), Archbishop Charles C. Thompson’s message emphasizing joy, selflessness and faithfulness evoked images from the world of sports.

A soccer or basketball player making the extra pass to lead to an easy score by a teammate.

A lineman making the unnoticed block that springs a running back to a touchdown.

A setter putting the ball in just the right spot for a kill by an outside hitter.

All those images came to mind as Archbishop Thompson shared three of his main thoughts during the archdiocese’s CYO Volunteer Awards Ceremony on May 4: “Work together.” “Keep the goal in mind.” “Rejoice always.”

The archbishop noted that those principles capture the essence of the volunteers who were honored during the ceremony at SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Indianapolis.

“As Christians, that’s what we’re called to do,” he said. “Be faithful to our beliefs, our principles. Be true to our character. Rejoice always. Keep the goal in mind. Work together. “

He noted that the volunteers’ efforts to stay true to those principles “make it possible for us to provide the various opportunities for our young people to develop mind, body and spirit—the entire person. That’s what we’re always about—lifting up the person, all created in the image of God.”

The archbishop added, “That’s what’s great about CYO—working with young people, being part of something greater than ourselves.”

Even more, it’s about being part of the family of God, “about the glory of God,” the archbishop said.

“Competition is a great thing, but ultimately our goal together is to succeed, to be faithful to the Gospel, to be enduring witnesses to Christ.” he said. “Never giving up. Rejoicing always, even in the face of hardships and difficulties.

“We have the privilege to represent being Christ-like to one other.” †

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