March 26, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from three weeks ago:

Jesus showed us the way; are we willing to follow?

Among the reasons that Jesus came into our world was to teach us that God loves us.

He became one of us to share our way of life—to show us that God knows how we experience pain and hunger and evil and even torture and death because it happened to him.

Through it all, Jesus continued to shine forth God’s love, and he invites us to return God’s love.

What happens if we do? We will become more like God. We will share in God’s love for our fellow human beings.

We will care more for their welfare because caring is what love is all about. We will find our own happiness in giving because giving is what love is all about.

And eventually when we transition to our next life, we will experience the ultimate happiness of experiencing God face to face.

Jesus showed us the way; are we willing to follow?

- Mike Walro | Hanover

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