January 29, 2021

Catholic Schools Week Supplement

Our Teachers, The True Heroes of Catholic Education

Jan Sexton, a teacher at Our Lady of the Greenwood School in Greenwood, shares a light-hearted moment with some of her students. (Submitted photo)

Jan Sexton, a teacher at Our Lady of the Greenwood School in Greenwood, shares a light-hearted moment with some of her students. (Submitted photo)

This year’s Catholic Schools Week Supplement is dedicated to the more than 2,000 Catholic school teachers in the archdiocese who continue to go above and beyond in their efforts—especially during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic—to educate the nearly 21,000 students in our 68 schools across central and southern Indiana.

As part of that tribute to our teachers, the Office of Catholic Schools in the archdiocese particularly wants to salute the 185 educators who have devoted 25 years or more to Catholic education.

Bishop Chatard High School, Indianapolis
Greg Miller, 30 years

Cardinal Ritter Jr./Sr. High School, Indianapolis
Mary Pat O’Connor, 25 years
Roula Saidah, 29 years

Cathedral High School, Indianapolis
Greg Bamrick, 31 years
Linda Bamrick, 35 years
Marc Behringer, 25 years
Lizabeth Bradshaw, 25 years
Melinda Bundy, 47 years
Lisa Ford, 40 years
Ken Kaufman, 33 years
Laurie O'Brien, 37 years
Belinda Speck, 31 years
Gary Spurgin, 32 years
Sister Mary Ann Stewart, S.P., 41 years

Central Catholic School, Indianapolis
Margee McHugh, 30 years
Patty Wulf, 29 years

Christ the King School, Indianapolis
Donna Aragon, 31 years
Karen Wagner, 38 years

Father Michael Shawe Memorial High School, Madison
Aline Cambron, 43 years
Lou Ann Center, 36 years

Father Thomas Scecina Memorial
High School, Indianapolis
Anthony Guldner, 39 years
Sister Sheila Hackett, O.P., 47 years
Ott Hurrle, 44 years
Elizabeth Williams, 25 years

Holy Angels School, Indianapolis
Linda Douda, 26 years

Holy Cross Central School, Indianapolis
Lillian Kelley, 29 years
Blythe Kleinschmidt, 27 years
Caren Stinger, 38 years
Angie Therber, 32 years

Holy Family School, New Albany
Judy Cooper, 27 years
Kimberly Huff, 28 years
Carolyn Summers, 29 years
Kathleen Weber, 45 years

Holy Name School, Beech Grove
Sister Nicolette Etienne, O.S.B., 32 years
Ellen Taylor, 25 years

Holy Spirit School, Indianapolis
Brenda Ahonen, 27 years
Linda Eagan, 26 years
Christie Eastman, 33 years
Lisa Etchason, 25 years
Heather Hacker, 26 years

Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Indianapolis
Patty Koors, 30 years

Nativity School, Indianapolis
Rose Haltom, 44 years
Chris Peek, 38 years

Oldenburg Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Oldenburg
Theresa Murphy, 36 years
Kris Wampler, 44 years
Charlene Weberding, 25 years

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, New Albany
Terri Day, 35 years
Anne Woods, 37 years

Our Lady of Providence High School, Clarksville
Larry Denison, 27 years
Kerry Gerber, 40 years
Ben Hornung, 41 years
Scott Hornung, 33 years
Scott Hutchins, 25 years
Kathryn Jacobi, 30 years
Mary Alice Knott, 28 years
Karen Schueler, 33 years

Our Lady of the Greenwood School, Greenwood
Paula Howard, 44 years
Mary Schultz, 38 years
Jan Sexton, 28 years
Pam White, 36 years

Pope John XXIII School, Madison
Colleen Burdette, 28 years
Crystie Schultz, 29 years
Patti Welsh, 36 years

Roncalli High School, Indianapolis
Pat Crosley, 28 years
Denise Joseph, 43 years
Rob Kratoska, 31 years
Kathy Peach, 38 years
Jim Ratliff, 55 years
Kathy Schembra, 49 years
Mark Statton, 35 years
Gerard Striby, 37 years
Angie Toner, 35 years
Laura Williams, 30 years

Sacred Heart School, Jeffersonville
Lynne Evanczyk, 37 years
Ronda Jackson, 28 years
Yvonne Smith, 27 years

St. Ambrose School, Seymour
Angie Craig, 32 years
Theresa Joray, 30 years

St. Anthony of Padua School, Clarksville
Nancy McGarvey, 30 years
Mary Pickerrell, 48 years

St. Anthony School, Indianapolis
LeAnn Patterson, 28 years
Theresa Slipher, 43 years

St. Barnabas School, Indianapolis
Terri Collins, 45 years
Mary Martha Hoefling, 39 years
Karen Miller, 40 years
Ronald Pittman, 34 years

St. Bartholomew School, Columbus
Diana Graman, 25 years
Julie King, 25 years
Shannon Royer, 25 years
Missy Tressler, 29 years

St. Charles Borromeo School, Bloomington
Theresa Alexander, 30 years
Laura Olivera, 25 years

St. Christopher School, Indianapolis
Chris Evans, 43 years
Tracy McKee, 27 years

SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi School, Greenwood
Pam Wells, 25 years

St. Gabriel School, Connersville
Angie Fuller, 26 years
Susie Tipton, 34 years

St. Joan of Arc School, Indianapolis
Frank Demma, 29 years

St. John Paul II School, Sellersburg
Amy Barber, 26 years
Doris Barnett, 29 years
Julie Cahalan, 26 years
Marcia Ernstberger, 26 years
Ronda Hobbs-Jackson, 27 years
Katie Sellmer, 26 years

St. Jude School, Indianapolis
Sally Meyer, 36 years
Julie Ross, 38 years
Jill Schultz, 40 years

St. Lawrence School, Indianapolis
Chris Battocletti, 27 years
Christine Hummel, 32 years

St. Lawrence School, Lawrenceburg
Susan Schmuelling, 27 years

St. Louis School, Batesville
Jean Bossert, 36 years
Beth Emsweller, 34 years
Diane Jones, 26 years
Mary Beth Linville, 35 years
Tammy Roell, 30 years
Amy Weigel, 27 years

St. Luke the Evangelist School, Indianapolis
Cathy King, 27 years
Kathleen Prater, 27 years
Pam Scheck, 31 years

St. Malachy School, Brownsburg
Michelle Craney, 34 years
Mary Feeney, 41 years
Lori McFarland, 38 years
Mary Nell, 34 years
Paula Owen, 33 years
Tracy Prahl, 26 years
Gail Strahle, 29 years
Jackie Swihart, 36 years

St. Mark School, Indianapolis
Cathy Boyle, 44 years
Marna Diemer, 27 years
Ann Kinney, 35 years
Karen Koesters, 32 years
Tina Valdois-Bruner, 35 years

St. Mary School, Aurora
Ann Marie Grove, 25 years
Amy Denning, 28 years
Suzy Rice, 25 years
Jim Waldon, 41 years

St. Mary School, Greensburg
Kathleen Paul Murray, 35 years
Susan Myers, 31 years
Jennifer Smith, 26 years

St. Mary School, North Vernon
Sandi Kirchner, 38 years

St. Mary School, Rushville
Melissa Cull, 25 years

St. Matthew School, Indianapolis
Mary Beth Keiser, 26 years
Sister Heidi Marie Krack, O.S.B., 46 years
Mary Marsh, 27 years
Brian Moyer, 25 years
Rita Naddy, 30 years

St. Michael-St. Gabriel School, Indianapolis
Patricia Guilfoy, 43 years

St. Michael School, Brookville
Melanie Back, 29 years
Pam Kolb, 37 years
Krista McKinney, 26 years

St. Michael School, Greenfield
Cindy Geswein, 30 years
Storm Murph, 26 years

St. Monica School, Indianapolis
Lyn Goldsberry, 25 years
Eileen Wodda, 25 years

St. Nicholas School, Ripley County
Mary Bedel, 27 years
Jona Dierckman, 33 years
Mary Jo Reer, 25 years

St. Patrick School, Terre Haute
Dallas Wright, 27 years

St. Philip Neri School, Indianapolis
Kelly England, 25 years

St. Pius X School, Indianapolis
Marsha Austin, 37 years
Chris Buhler, 38 years
Alice Mattingly, 40 years
Jeanine Ritter, 25 years
Jill Starliper, 25 years
Jeanie Warrick, 43 years

St. Roch School, Indianapolis
Mary Ann Chamberlin, 32 years
Mary DeArmond, 25 years
Mary Fields, 25 years
Sister Anne Frederick, O.S.B., 30 years
Dick Gallamore, 30+ years
Susie Jordan, 35 years
Teresa Plummer, 30 years
Anna Roberts, 25 years
Kevin Watson, 25 years

St. Rose of Lima School, Franklin
Kim Dinkel, 27 years
Mary Tieken, 37 years

St. Simon the Apostle School, Indianapolis
Cindy Cavender, 28 years
Petey Frederick, 32 years
Kerry O’Brien, 32 years
Monica O’Brien, 32 years

St. Susanna School, Plainfield
Karen Villarias, 32 years

St. Therese Little Flower Catholic School, Indianapolis
Gary Asher, 40 years
Theresa Slayton, 46 years

St. Thomas Aquinas School, Indianapolis
Sandy Hoy, 37 years

Seton Catholic Elementary School, Richmond
Ruth Brown, 40 years

Seton Catholic High School, Richmond
David Brown, 26 years


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