December 4, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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‘Sight Unseen’ column helps reader reflect on God’s omnipotence

I found interesting Brandon A. Evans’ recent “Sight Unseen” column in the Nov. 20 issue of The Criterion about the supposed contradiction of an omnipotent God being unable to control the human heart, which is at the same time a concession God can allow because of his own omnipotence.

It reminded me of St. Paul’s comment that he “fills up in his body” that which is lacking in the cross (Col 1:24), which was a verse that troubled me for many years. Was he somehow saying the cross of Christ was or is insufficient?

Now as a Catholic, I realize that the one thing the cross cannot do is make someone follow it, much less carry it.

This is a freedom God allows all out of his own omnipotence: the freedom to have everything but nothing, versus the freedom to have nothing but everything. 

- Sonny Shanks | Corydon

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