August 21, 2020


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ALSPAUGH, Gary L., 54, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), July 29. Husband of Wilma Alspaugh. Father of Rosalie and Brian Alspaugh. Son of Glen Alspaugh. Brother of Lisa Cothron. Grandfather of one.

AMRHEIN, Charlotte, 77, St. Michael, Brookville, Aug. 3. Wife of Robert Amrhein. Mother of Timothy and Torrey Amrhein. Grandmother of four.

BARNES, Isabelle, 88, Prince of Peace, Madison, Aug. 4. Mother of William Barnes. Aunt of several.

BRADY, William T., 88, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, June 13. Husband of Mary Jane Brady. Father of Ellen Farrell, Maureen, John, Robert and William Brady. Grandfather of 15. Great-grandfather of one.

DAMIN, Jr., Thomas, 91, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 4. Father of Cheryl Sweeney, Barbara, Kerry and Tony Damin. Brother of Lucille James. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of five.

DAVIS, Virginia H., 86, St. Joseph, Corydon, Aug. 7. Mother of Roma Helms and Perry Haeberlein. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of three.

ERFMAN, John, 76, St. Peter, Franklin County, July 28. Husband of Marilyn Erfman. Father of Linda Huster, Krista Ricketts, Jill Sena, Susan Wartenberg, Eric and Stephen Erfman. Brother of Juliann Wilhelm and Jerry Erfman. Grandfather of 16. Great-grandfather of five.

GERLACH, Michael J., 54, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 6. Father of Mallory Ewing, Michael and Tapanga Gerlach. Stepfather of Zoey Breeden. Brother of Vickie Deom, Mark and Paul Gerlach. Grandfather of two.

GEYMAN, Mary E. (Bilton), 83, Prince of Peace, Madison, Aug. 8. Wife of John Lindsay. Mother of Kimberly Klein, Christy Lindsay, Elonda Zinge, Cory Cook, Daniel, Edward and Ralph Geyman. Sister of Betty Burkhardt. Grandmother of 14.

HASKAMP, Harold, 85, St. Mary, Greensburg, Aug. 7. Husband of Deloris Haskamp. Father of Sharon Bigliano, Gary and Ronald Haskamp. Brother of Roselyn Senft and Lucille Wenning. Grandfather of five.

HENDERSON, Keith A., 59, Holy Family, New Albany, Aug. 1. Husband of Dr. Amy Hallal-Henderson. Father of Anastasia McCaffrey, Alexandria and Keith Henderson, II. Brother of Carolyn Fox and Kathryn Jacobi.

HILDEBRAND, Marcella, 91, St. Michael, Brookville, July 16. Mother of Rebecca Sacksteder, Barbara, Arthur and Martin Hildebrand. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of five.

JOHNSON, Lavern B., 88, St. Paul, Tell City, Aug. 8. Mother of Nancy James, Beverly York and Gwen Young. Sister of Evelyn Berry and Ralph Boerste. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of nine.

KOLB, Charles, 81, St. Michael, Brookville, July 20. Husband of Sarah Kolb. Father of Cindy, James and Thomas Kolb. Brother of Clara Jordan, Liz Stenger, Clarence and Ed Kolb.

LEAKE, Rose Marie (Carrico), 86, St. Mary, North Vernon, Aug. 11. Mother of Sandra Gregory, Cindy Paswater, Shari and Gary Leake. Sister of James Carrico. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of eight.

MARION, Christopher S., 35, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Aug. 8. Father of Elijah Marion. Son of Cecelia Sadauskas and Ronald Marion. Brother of Emily Marion. Grandson of Mildred Sadauskas.

MINNIS, Marjory R., 94, St. Luke the Evangelist, Aug. 7. Mother of Susan Souls, Elizabeth and Joseph Minnis. Sister of Mary Lou Gorgol, Barbara Haines, Joan Lesch, Anne Lyons and Robert Meyers. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of three.

MOLL, Anelda M., 93, Holy Family, Oldenburg, Aug. 10. Mother of Barb Branigan, Margie Dinn, Dottie Hoff, Ruthie Koetter, Rita Paul, Betty Raminger, Jerry, Joe, Mike and Paul Moll. Grandmother of 38. Step-grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 63. Step-great-grandmother of 20.

MOSTER, Bernard, 94, St. Michael, Brookville, July 14. Husband of Mary Ann Moster. Father of Joyce Smith, Eugene, Greg and Paul Moster. Brother of Bea Maloney, Leo and Tony Moster. Grandfather of 22. Great-grandfather of nine.

MURELLO, JoAnn, 84, St. Roch, Indianapolis, June 3. Sister of Margaret LaGrotto and Joe Murello. Aunt of several.

ROSS, Jr., Darrow L., 75, St. Mark, Perry County, Aug. 7. Husband of Barbara Ross. Father of Mandy Bauer, Jenny Binkley, Chad and John Ross. Grandfather of seven.

SKELLEY, James, P., 88, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, July 29. Husband of Shirley Skelley. Father of Linda Cronin, Janet Gregory, Sandra Holden, Pam Mindach, Dean, Don, Glenn and Steven Skelley. Grandfather of 20. Great-grandfather of 27.

STUHLDREHER, Antoinette, 83, St. Pius X, Indianapolis, July 29. Mother of Lori Stanley and Jennifer, Mindy, Sharon, Kevin, Kurt, Mark, Michael, Pete, Tim and Tony Stuhldreher. Sister of Ames and Steve Powell. Grandmother of 19.

TROXELL, James L., 93, Christ the King, Indianapolis, July 26. Father of Jim and Timothy Troxell. Grandfather of one.

WRITT, Michael, 84, St. Simon the Apostle, Indianapolis, Aug. 3. Husband of Donna Writt. Father of Lisa, Mark and Michael Writt. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of four. †

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