August 21, 2020

My Journey to God


There is a knowing
in my soul,
of something great
beyond measure.
And the stirrings
of my heart
come from Love,
Christ’s true treasure.
God, Our Father,
sent Jesus
to enlighten.
I must look
inside myself.
Do I doubt?
Am I frightened?
This time I have
on Earth
can seem
a great divide.
I shall search
for our Lord
with trust.
By faith
I will not hide.
In the desert,
of my life,
I will build
an oasis of Love.
The Holy Spirit
of heaven and Earth,
extends His graces
from above.
I will seek
what is good,
know God’s truth,
and follow His call.
Be bold.
And pray!
Christ’s Love
is meant for all!

By Gayle Schrank

(Gayle Schrank is a member of St. Mary Parish in Navilleton.)

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