January 24, 2020

Catholic School Week Supplement

Shared mission shapes Catholic schools in the archdiocese

Criterion staff report

Every day across the archdiocese, Catholic schools share in the same vision, mission and values to educate children spiritually, academically, socially emotionally and physically.

Here are the cornerstones of Catholic education in the archdiocese, as shared by its Office of Catholic Schools.

Our Vision

Ours will be an archdiocese where every Catholic school community flourishes by having the professional and spiritual leadership it needs to advance the mission of the Church and where every professional is supported, every family is engaged, and every child, regardless of race, culture, socio-economic condition, or learning need, is nurtured in mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

With open doors, open arms and open hearts, the Office of Catholic Schools supports the formation of young people through holistic, engaging and academically excellent programming that integrates faith, culture and life as modeled by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Shared Values

Open Doors:

  • We believe that Catholic schools serve as a vital ministry of the greater Church.
  • We believe that Catholic schools should be accessible and affordable.
  • We believe that the viability and vitality of Catholic schools are the responsibility of all the faithful.
  • We believe in shared leadership with pastors, school leaders and commissions/boards under the direction of the archbishop and guidance of Church teachings.

Open Arms:

  • We believe in fostering positive relationships that exemplify the love of God.
  • We believe that Catholic school communities are enriched by the unique image and likeness of God that is present in each individual.
  • We believe that formation best occurs within faith-filled cultures of learning that are inclusive.
  • We believe that parents are the primary educators of each young person and that it is the responsibility of Catholic schools to support the domestic Church.

Open Hearts:

  • We believe that Catholic schools are part of the evangelizing mission of the Church, forming disciples through the intentional integration of faith, culture and life.
  • We believe that “excellence” is defined by and achieved through the growth and holistic development—spiritual, intellectual/academic, social, emotional and physical—of the individual within the context of community.
  • We believe that professional educators in Catholic schools are valued ministers of the faith who strive to live the universal call to holiness.

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