January 24, 2020

Catholic School Week Supplement

Making Christ present in the world

By Gina Kuntz Fleming, Archdiocesan Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Gina Kuntz FlemingJesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Mt 19:14)

Recognizing parents as the first teachers of their children, the archdiocesan Office of Catholic Schools is grateful for the opportunity to serve more than 22,000 young people in Catholic schools across central and southern Indiana. It is through this ministry of education and formation that our outstanding pastors, school leaders, teachers and staff members make Christ present in the world each day … and help our students do the same!

In today’s world, success is defined in various ways. Some base success on annual gross income; others on overall material wealth; and still others on job title or ranking within an organization.

As Catholics, we know that God will not measure our success on worldly treasures. What ultimately matters is the extent to which we love and serve him by loving and serving others—by making his presence known through all we do and say.

Making Christ Present in the World logo Christ is evident in the holistic, engaging and academically excellent programming that integrates faith, culture and life provided through Catholic school ministry.

Our Catholic schools prepare students through rigorous academics, diverse experiences, prayerful discernment and service opportunities so that they are ready not only for post-secondary learning and healthy career paths, but also for heaven. Our faith is interwoven into all aspects of who we are and what we do in Catholic education.

Christ’s love is seen through service, prayer and the celebration of sacraments. Christ’s hope is witnessed in the impressive ways in which young people use their gifts of art, music, intellect or athleticism. And Christ’s joy is cherished as young people are observed applying what they have learned in an effort to honor and glorify God.

To see this for yourself, please step into a few of our Catholic schools as you enjoy this year’s Catholic Schools Week supplement in The Criterion.

May God bless you always,

Gina Kuntz Fleming

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