November 8, 2019

Letters to the Editor

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Evil of abortion can be countered in different ways to offer pro-life advocacy, reader says

Dedicated advocacy for the sanctity of all innocent human life in the womb is truly a God-given calling. However, the sometimes contentious subject of how best to accomplish this noble goal within the pro-life community can be problematical.

Arguably, situational circumstances and venue play an important role.

Interacting with and counseling pregnant women entering a clinic—many of whom may be coerced, desperate and frightened—is not the same thing as raising public consciousness regarding the evil of abortion.

The clinic advocacy setting requires nothing less than: attentiveness to their terribly difficult situation; clearly stated information/guidance counseling regarding available pre-natal and post-delivery support; and a heartfelt Christian message that God’s love for them and the unborn child he has created knows no bounds.

Prayer, of course, is always appropriate.

On the other hand, I feel we must also support hard-hitting vocal/written language and graphic imagery in any public arena away from the clinic setting to raise public consciousness that abortion is nothing less than torture and murder.

Powerful street rallies such as the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League’s “Face The Truth” campaign need to be encouraged.

We will know real headway has been made when passers-by seem angry and state that the message offends them. The message should offend them in their lack of attentiveness to such evil!

- David A. Nealy | Greenwood

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