November 1, 2019

Letters to the Editor

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Church window is allegory of Catholics in today’s culture, reader says

At St. Malachy Church in Brownsburg, we have a large stained-glass window behind the altar which primarily depicts a curvy path leading to the heavenly Jerusalem. I think the window has a special message for Catholics who seem to be losing their way.

They seem confused about the morality of many serious matters such as abortion and same-sex marriage, and about the value and necessity of attending Sunday Mass.

The window, when viewed from outside the church, is essentially unintelligible, but when viewed from inside the church, the curvy path is clear and the destination of the heavenly Jerusalem is vibrant when illuminated by the morning sun.

The window is an allegory of Catholics in today’s culture.

Catholics who listen to Church teaching and who encounter the risen Christ in word and Eucharist have a clear path of truth and hope to guide them to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Catholics who ignore Church teaching and miss Sunday Mass are foolishly on the outside with an unintelligible path to guide them.

May Catholics listen to the “why” of Church teaching and come to Mass to encounter the risen Christ, we pray. 

- Gordon Becker | Indianapolis

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