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The latest edition of The Criterion has been printed and is on its way to subscribers. Below is a list of stories that will be appearing in the issue, along with regular features like the archbishop's column, the editorial page and our events calendar.

Front pageOur October 11, 2019 issue

Local stories:

  • ‘Hearts fixed on Jesus’: Archbishop Thompson urges Catholics to defend life with trust in ‘Christ Our Hope’
    • Photos: Catholics standing for Life
    • Respect Life award winner says ‘it’s important not to forget’ the lonely, dying
    • High school award winners started pro-life club in midst of peer ‘backlash’
  • Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary supporters learn about team approach to promoting vocations
  • Discipleship is at the heart of United Catholic Appeal
  • Photos: Students strike for climate change (print edition only)
  • Providence Food Pantry celebrates 25 years of service
  • Transform the world through your witness, archbishop tells leaders
    • Award winner’s ‘true gift’ is leading people to God
    • Being present helps youth minister bond with teens
    • Approach of faith, joy and care guides principal

Regular local features:

  • Christ the Cornerstone: Working to reclaim unity in a divided Church
    • Cristo, la piedra angular: La obra de recobrar la unidad de una Iglesia dividida
  • Editorial: Teenager’s actions offer ‘an incredible example of Christian love’
  • Joyful Witness: Listen: God calls each of us to encourage vocations
  • Our Works of Charity: Compassion at the heart of senior’s most important life lesson
  • Twenty Something: Wonderfully made: finding the courage to create
  • Reflection: Embrace the gift of life
  • Public Schedule of Archbishop Charles C. Thompson
  • Letters to the Editor
    • No letters were printed this week
  • Events Calendar
    • Corrections Ministry conference planned in Bloomington on Nov. 16
    • Annulment information night planned at the Catholic Center on Oct. 21
  • Obituaries
    • General listing
    • Providence Sister Eugene Francis Keaveney served in education, Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries
  • My Journey to God: Summer Mourn

Catholic News Service:

  • Synod is a time to listen, discern, not despise, pope says
  • Fetal remains found in rural Illinois have been returned home to Indiana
  • Pope to cardinals: Loving, loyal service requires feeling God’s love
  • Judge temporarily stops ‘heartbeat’ law from taking effect in Georgia in January
  • Abuse will always be one in long list of betrayals of Christ, says speaker
  • Column: The ministry of making room
  • Column: Moral theologian says now is the time to create a pro-life culture
  • The Sunday Readings: Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Question Corner: General conditions must be met before the anointing of the sick can be administered


  • Spread Gospel of life through pro-life actions every day

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