August 30, 2019

My Journey to God

Daily Prayer

Jesus, open my heart and let yourself in …
Let my words and actions be pleasing to you.
Take away any dark thoughts from my mind …
Hold my hand and lead me away from sin.

Jesus, set my soul free and help me to be one who will
Live in the end … with You.
Forever free, I want to be one who will fly
From the end of this life, into forever with You.

Jesus, teach me to be the best I can be …
Always loving, always giving and to always be forgiving.
Cleanse my thoughts, words and deeds,
And stay close by my side.

Let my conscience be my guide
So I can spend eternity with You.
Thank you, Jesus.

By Betty Bowers

(Betty Bowers is a member of St. Patrick Parish in Salem.)

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