June 28, 2019

CYO recognition highlights volunteer efforts of adults and youths

2019 St. John Bosco Award recipients

  • Christ the King Parish—John Sullivan
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish—David Gorden
  • Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish—Paul Jennings
  • St. Luke the Evangelist Parish—Barbara Hasbrook
  • St. Mark the Evangelist Parish—John Hibner
  • St. Roch Parish—Stephen Schaefer
  • St. Susanna Parish in Plainfield—Rick Rosner

2019 Msgr. Albert Busald Award recipients

  • Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Beech Grove—Kathy Ramsay
  • Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish—Marc Frost and Jonathan Jones
  • Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish—Maureen Hutt and Doug Young
  • St. Barnabas Parish—Mary Eiland, Tracy Miller, Toni Music and Mike Perry
  • SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi Parish in Greenwood—Brian Bischoff
  • St. Jude Parish—Cary Davis
  • St. Lawrence Parish—Keith Minch
  • St. Mark the Evangelist Parish—Chris Becher and Megan Davis
  • St. Matthew the Apostle Parish—Scott Frank and Paul Wissler
  • St. Pius X Parish—Mike Behringer and Melinda Nash

2019 Spirit of Youth Award recipients

  • Good Shepherd Parish—Celia Ward
  • Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Beech Grove—Mychal Allen and Margaret Schoening
  • Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ Parish—Olivia Baumberger, Ronnie Phillips and Sara Wiley
  • St. Charles Borromeo Parish in Bloomington—Teddy Lashley
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Cambridge City—Olivia Meeker
  • SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi Parish in Greenwood—Jeffrey Amodeo, Jr., and Anthony Kovacs
  • St. Jude Parish—Katie McNulty and Chad Shumard-Supple
  • St. Mark the Evangelist Parish—Aubrey Fuhrman and Terra Klonne
  • St. Roch Parish—Joe Gibson, Beau Laeufer, Olivia Noone and Riley Prewitt

2019 Edward J. Tinder Official of the Year Award

  • St. Pius X Parish—Donald Nester

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