May 31, 2019

Wanted: Your nominations for Excellence in Catechesis award

Criterion staff report

Would you like to nominate a parish catechetical leader for an award? The archdiocesan Office of Catechesis has a streamlined nomination process that makes it easy to do.

The Excellence in Catechesis honor has been awarded by the Office of Catechesis since 1996. Previous award winners still active in catechetical ministry include Mary Jo Thomas-Day, Ann Northam, Deacon John Jacobi, Cynthia Flaten, Dolores Snyder, Barbara Black, Kim Sprague, Julie Haney and Anita Navarra.

To nominate someone for 2019, take a few minutes to provide brief answers to the questions below:

  • How do your nominee’s efforts help parishioners grow as disciples of Jesus, experiencing intimacy with him and enjoying participation in his holy, Catholic Church?
  • In what ways does your nominee’s ministry encourage parishioners to bridge the gap that can be present between knowledge of our faith and practicing it in everyday life—making religion a way of life and a virtue that benefits communities?
  • Providing meaningful experiences of formation for catechists helps bring about excellence—by God’s grace! How does your nominee encourage and motivate those who teach the faith with ongoing affirmation in the form of certification, recognition and commissioning?

Brief answers—two or three sentences—are sufficient to let us know the reasons you are nominating your parish catechetical leader. If you’d like to provide additional information, feel free to do so.

Please include the name of the nominee; his or her parish; your name; and the best way of contacting you. Each nominee’s pastor, administrator or parish life coordinator will be contacted to affirm nominations.

Nomination are due by June 30 and can be faxed to 317-592-4032. They can also be mailed to Ken Ogorek, c/o Archdiocese of Indianapolis, 1400 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN, 46202, or replies can be e-mailed to: †

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