May 17, 2019

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here are the letters from last week:

Reader: Pope Benedict’s essay on abuse crisis is a must read

This letter is motivated by the editorial written by Daniel Conway in the April 26 issue of The Criterion: “To address abuse crisis, God must return to the center of our lives.” The editorial is basically a commentary on the essay by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI following Pope Francis’ meeting with Church leaders at the Vatican in February to discuss the current crisis of faith and of the Church.

After reading Pope Benedict’s essay online, it is apparent the essay is far more than a commentary on sex abuse. To quote Pope Benedict, “the very essence of Christianity is at stake here.”

It is an easy essay to read in one sitting.

In my opinion, every Christian should have the opportunity to read this essay. Therefore, it is requested that The Criterion reprint the essay to make it available to all. It is an historic document.

- Emery Mapes | Lawrenceburg

(Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, we are unable to print the essay in its entirety. It is available online here.)

Criterion’s misleading headline is a disservice to its readers

One of the strong points The Criterion has shown in the past is to be a voice of quiet stating of positions without the use of rabble-rousing rhetoric employed by the more secular press. It is sad to see the newspaper of the archdiocese indulge in such tactics.

An article on page 16 of the April 26 issue blared “an enormous victory for life” in the headline on potential legislation in New Hampshire. Based on the verbiage, one would think cancer had been cured, or the fountain of youth had been discovered.

Reading the actual article discloses no executions had occurred since 1939, and only one person was on death row.

Granted all life is important, but the newspaper does no one any service by wildly overstating what is contained in the news.

- Michael Connor | Greensburg

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