April 19, 2019

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here are the letters from last week:

Too many black lives are lost through abortion, reader says

There is one horrific consequence of the specter of “white supremacy” that has seemed to have flown beneath the public consciousness radar for far too long.

That is the tragic and disproportionate loss of innocent black babies through the evil of abortion. Far more black lives are lost at the hands of abortionists within their mother’s womb than through street violence of all types—including conflicts with police officers.

Arguably, a significant contributing factor to this tragedy would be the very successful efforts of white eugenicist Margaret Sanger. Sanger—a true believer in “survival of the fittest” and a co-founder of Planned Parenthood—passionately advocated “improvement” of the U.S. population through dramatic reduction in the African-American population by birth control and abortion.

Today, Planned Parenthood is our nation’s largest provider of abortions, and the overall elimination of innocent black lives through abortion (percentage wise) greatly exceeds that of the general population.

In fairness, it is recognized that, subject to certain constraints, abortion is legal, and Planned Parenthood is not solely responsible for this terrible statistic.

However, all young black lives do truly matter, and moral outrage—within both the black and white communities—unfortunately seems to be lacking.

We owe much more to the precious and innocent black lives lost through abortion than to do nothing.

- David Nealy | Greenwood

We need more guidance in assisting our neighbors at the southern border

I recently read Editor Emeritus John F. Fink’s editorial in the March 29 issue of The Criterion about loving your neighbor.

As I was reading it, I thought to myself, “Finally, an article about the human disaster at our southern border,” but unfortunately it stopped short.

Is our Church helping to feed, clothe, and shelter these people? Is Catholic Relief Services involved? As a Catholic, what should I think about this issue?

Many of us are confused.

- Tom Stiens | Richmond

(Editor’s note: Catholic agencies along the U.S.-Mexico border continue to bolster refugee aid efforts as thousands of people in multiple migrant caravans continue to trek north through Mexico to the border. Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley began a humanitarian crisis relief effort last summer and with the assistance of Sacred Heart Parish in McAllen, Texas, opened a respite center. For more information, go to www.catholiccharitiesrgv.org or sacredheartchurch-mcallen.org/immigrant-assistance/general-information.)

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