April 12, 2019

Be Our Guest / Art Berkemeier

Collaboration between college seminary, university offers strong educational environment

The most deciding factor for human growth is the opportunity of education. As Catholics, we want that education to prepare us for a life with Christ. Regardless of chosen career, it is based upon service to others.

Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary in Indianapolis, which partners with Marian University, also in Indianapolis, offers an array of faith-based educational opportunities that are rapidly gaining respect within the Midwest.

At Bruté Seminary, young men are challenged to grow in four pillars of formation: spiritual, intellectual, pastoral and human. These four formation aspects are essential for leadership in our Catholic communities. A healthy priest is strong in each aspect.

Students attend Marian University for the intellectual growth open to all. It is within a faith-based coeducational environment that focuses on the dignity of every human person regardless of their differences. Seminarians enjoy that same intellectual growth on campus while also living within a community that forms each in spirituality, pastoral care and human interaction. As founding Bishop Bruté rector Father Robert Robeson would say, “We learn to love God and one another.”

Why is this educational environment on the west side of Indianapolis a treasure for us?

You may not realize this, but Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary exists not for itself, but for each and every parish, each and every Catholic.

For the Church to continue, priests are needed. Without priests, we have no Eucharist.

Parish leaders, please learn about and value this treasure. Plan a visit to Bishop Bruté Seminary and Marian University. See this treasure for yourself.

Invite Father Joseph Moriarty, the seminary’s current rector, or one of his assisting formation priests, to talk at your parish. Provide materials about Marian University and Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary to your young men and women who are looking for a Catholic faith-based education.

For a treasure to have value, it must be cherished. Do we cherish our Catholic faith? Do we take time to talk about it? To pass it along to our children?

If so, I encourage you to take time to learn about Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary and Marian University. Pray for their success, and support them as you are able.

(Art Berkemeier is an advisory board member at Bishop Simon Bruté College Seminary and a member of St. Mark the Evangelist Parish, both in Indianapolis.)

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