March 22, 2019

Be Our Guest / Phyllis and Bob Burkholder

Sidewalk counselors serve as evangelists outside abortion clinics

Abortion is the most heinous crime. It is an inconceivable thought that a mother would take the life of her own child, her own flesh and blood—and now a full nine months with the baby breathing! It is infanticide! These children have no voice but ours!

This is why praying outside an abortion clinic is so important. By being there, we let the abortionist, the assistants, the mothers and fathers, the street people know that we care and are praying for them.

And by being there, we are actually living out the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. We are there for the unborn, the mom, the family, the poor, the sick, the unchurched, doubtful, sorrowing, instructing the ignorant, just showing or talking about our faith. Aren’t these the very things Christ asks of all of us—our bishops, priests and parishioners to stand as a witness to his teachings?

When praying on the sidewalk at an abortion clinic, we become missionaries; evangelizing to anyone who passes by. You may be there with a group from your church just praying together or reading Gospel passages.

At the abortion center in Louisville where my husband Bob and I pray, we often encounter street and homeless people, who are out in all kinds of weather, day and night, just going from here to there. Some will even pray for the end to abortion with us. Oftentimes, we can talk about our faith, as our rosary beads get their attention and they ask questions. Some of those who pray with us have even taken persons to the doctors, barber, helped them find a job; just a few of the things that happen on the sidewalk while praying.

Of course, if a mom decides to keep her baby, then we all rejoice by giving her a baby shower, seeing that she gets connected with a maternity home or a pregnancy care center with counseling. Her life may be guided onto a new path that never would have occurred to her—all because someone took the time to pray or do sidewalk counseling at an abortion center.

The moms have a choice, and we offer that when standing there praying and offering them encouraging words and a place for a free ultrasound. Prayers do have an effect, and the rosary in particular is our “weapon,” as St. Padre Pio proclaimed.

We will soon have these abortion centers closed if enough people will step out of their comfort zone and bravely stand for one hour to quietly pray for this outrageous sin of abortion to end.

Your presence can make a difference and can help close these clinics!

(Phyllis and Bob Burkholder are members of St. John Paul II Parish in Sellersburg.)

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