February 22, 2019


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ANDRES, Jeanne L. 92, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County, Feb. 6. Mother of Susan Andert, Vicki Heiskell and Tim Andres. Sister of Marilyn ZurSchmiede and Jerome Schuler. Grandmother of 10. Great-grandmother of nine.

BANET, Raymond L, Jr., 88, St. Mary-of-the-Knobs, Floyd County, Feb. 10. Husband of Evelyn Banet. Father of Linda Schmidt. Brother of Loretta Atkins, Venita Lynch, David, Edmund and Frank Banet. Grandfather and great-grandfather of several.

BOTTOM, Katharina E., 94, SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood, Jan. 10. Mother of Carey Bottom. Grandmother of one. Great-grandmother of one.

CHARBONNEAU, James, 80, St. Mary, New Albany, Feb. 3. Husband of A. Jeanne Charbonneau. Father of Anne Langley, Linda Wilson and Sam Charbonneau. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of two.

CHASTEEN, Robert H., 76, SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood, Jan. 28. Husband of Ginger Chasteen. Father of Ann and Patrick Chasteen. Grandfather of one.

DROAST, Thaddeus, 85, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, Dec. 27. Husband of Nancy Droast. Father of Bridget Hawkins. Grandfather of two.

FENOGLIO, Kristine, 62, SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Greenwood, Feb. 5. Wife of Michael Fenoglio. Mother of Katharine, Joseph and Michael Fenoglio. Daughter of Jack Krumreich. Step-daughter of Ellen Tucker. Sister of Jane Stewart, David, Douglas and John Krumreich. Grandmother of one.

FULLENKAMP, Viola M., 91, St. Louis, Batesville, Feb. 10. Mother of Pam Gerdowsky, Becky Quick, Kathy Rosemeyer, Dave, Jay, Randy and Terry Fullenkamp. Sister of Betty Stein. Grandmother of 24. Great‑grandmother of 40.

VON FURSTENBERG, Gabrielle, 84, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, Feb. 3. Wife of George von Furstenberg. Mother of Phillip von Furstenberg.

GIBBONS, Catherine (Moran), 94, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Feb. 9. Mother of Kathy Henthorne, Susie Koelling, Mary Beth Supple, Nancy Vornehm, Jerry, Jim and Tom Gibbons. Sister of Tom Moran. Grandmother of 21. Great-grandmother of 35.

HUDEPOHL, Walter, 94, St. Charles Borromeo, Milan, Feb. 4. Father of Rosemary Carter, Jenny Day, Nancy Denhart, Theresa Ferneding, Jean Hicks, Lois Bogenschutz Kremer, Virginia Sinkhorn, John, Thomas, Vincent and Walter Hudepohl. Brother of Mary McIntosh, Art and David Hudepohl. Grandfather and great-grandfather of more than 100.

JOHANNIGMAN, Urban J., Sr., 91, Immaculate Conception, Millhousen, Feb. 2. Father of Cathy, Janet and Marilyn Bedel, Darlene Engleking, Dottie Hellmich, Margaret Ledford, Donna Schwering, Betty Silcox, Laurie Lynn, Charles and Urban Johannigman, Jr. Brother of Carolyn Gallagher and Roman Johannigman. Grandfather of 26. Great-grandfather of 41. Step-grandfather of three. Step‑great-grandfather of three.

KOSCHNICK, Clarence J., 81, St. Martin of Tours, Martinsville, Feb. 7. Husband of Elizabeth Koschick. Father of Mary Beth Branson, Mary Catherine Brown, Mary Clare, Chris and Chuck Koschnick. Grandfather of seven.

KRAUS, Lois M., 91, St. Paul, Tell City, Feb. 9. Mother of Debra Emerson, Diane and Bill Kraus. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of four.

LAKE, Gerald E., 80, St. Louis, Batesville, Feb. 13. Brother of David, Don and Frank Lake.

LORENZ, Matilda D., 78, St. Agnes, Nashville, Jan. 22. Aunt of two.

MILLS, Kevin P., 59, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, Dec. 10. Son of Grace Mills. Brother of Franciscan of the Immaculate Father Elias, Ken and Klyte Mills. Uncle of two.

MOWAN, Lee P., 76, St. Agnes, Nashville, Feb. 1. Husband of Susan Mowan. Father of Kelli Conner, Brian, Dean and Kevin Mowan. Brother of Linda Miller, James, John and Michael Mowan. Grandfather of seven. Great‑grandfather of two.

PAGOR, Walter F., Sr., 82, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, Jan. 31. Father of Kathleen Ruston, Deborah Santucci, Elizabeth Smith, John and Walter Pagor, Jr. Grandfather of 11. Great-grandfather of two.

PEREZ, Herminia D., 87, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Feb. 10. Mother of Rachel Gonzalez, Joann, Favian, Jr., Freddie, George, Jessie, Johnny, Russell, Tommy and Vidal Perez. Grandmother of 36. Great-grandmother of 76. Great‑great-grandmother of eight.

PEREZ, Norma I., 82, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, Feb. 9. Wife of Hector Perez. Mother of Claris MacDonald, Javier, Noris and Tony Perez. Sister of Doris and Maggie Rivera. Grandmother of two.

PLIKUHN, Christopher T., 48, SS. Francis and Clare of Assisi, Jan. 31. Father of Gracie and Evan Plikuhn. Son of Thomasina Plikuhn. Brother of Karen Hurt, David and Eric Plikuhn.

POLETTI, Livio, 93, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, Dec. 16. Father of Pierre Poletti. Grandfather of one.

QUILL, Dr. Thomas E., 90, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Feb. 5. Husband of Rosemarie Quill. Father of Marianne Harris, Suzie Mihankhah and Meg Swhear. Grandfather of four. Great-grandfather of two.

SIGWARD, William J., 94, St. Matthew the Apostle, Indianapolis, Feb. 2. Father of Bill, Jr., David and Kevin Sigward. Grandfather of five.

THORNBURG, Kathryn L., 80, St. Joseph, Shelbyville, Feb. 4. Mother of Karen Kolls, Kim Wickizer and Michael Thornburg. Sister of Jane Jerman, Rose McNeely, Mary Reed and George Wisker. Grandmother of 12. Great‑grandmother of 10.

WILLIAMS, Joseph W., 75, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, Feb. 8. Father of Connie Rucker, Melinda and Kenny Williams. Brother of James Williams. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of one.

YOUNG Brian K., 48, St. John Paul II, Sellersburg, Jan. 26. Father of Ashlyn and Lexie Young. Son of John and Mary Joyce Young. Brother of Justine and Kevin Young. †

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