December 7, 2018

My Journey to God

An Advent Hymn

Down curtains hang the season’s bells
That play a song when shaken. So
Colorful and glad, like Rameau
At the harpsichord, play these bells.

Much green contrasts with winter’s scene
Bleak trees mourn their lost leaves. Cold is
The once bright burning bush’s reds,
A room transformed to Advent scene.
A table lifts a church and sleigh,
Snow fixed on fir trees. A gold light
Shines through a steeple window bright
As the old days with horse and sleigh.

Too much we think what is to come.
What will be will be. What has been
Has been, so contemplate the Incarnation.
Hear the bells and what is to come.

By Patrick Harkins

(Patrick Harkins is a member of St. Joseph University Parish in Terre Haute.)

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