August 24, 2018


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AXSOM, Ruth E. (Hepp), 92, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower), Aug. 3. Mother of Cecily Fultz, Kathryn Woerner and Douglas Axsom. Sister of Martha Kiemer. Grandmother of five.

BERGER, Mark E., 41, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Aug. 6. Son of Kathryn Berger. Brother of Cynthia, Gary and Michael Berger. Uncle of several.

BEYER, Roberta, 95, St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County, Aug. 5. Sister of Marian Weiler. Aunt of several.

BUDEWITZ, John, 75, St. Vincent de Paul, Shelby County, June 15. Father of Michael Budewitz.

BULACH, Charles, 67, St. Peter, Franklin County, Aug. 12. Son of Antoinette Bulach. Brother of Dorothy Frensemeier and Joe Bulach. Uncle of several.

COPFER, Howard, Jr., 75, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Aug. 3. Husband of Terri Copfer. Father of LeeAnn, Douglas, Michael and Zachary Copfer. Brother of Barbara and Robert Copfer. Grandfather of five.

GOEBEL, Rebecca J., 89, Prince of Peace, Madison, Aug. 6. Mother of Theresa Collins and William Goebel, Jr. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of nine. Great-great-grandmother of two.

HALEY, Dale, 67, St. Mary, Rushville, Aug. 8. Husband of Julie Haley. Father of Andy and Eric Tallent and Gus Haley. Brother of Joyce Adams and Janet Mullins. Grandfather of two.

HUMPERT, Todd W., 49, St. Mary, Greensburg, July 30. Son of William and Diane Humpert. Brother of Lance and Scott Humpert. Uncle of several.

KOTTYAN, Ann, 84, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Richmond, Aug. 10. Mother of Mary Imel and Jeffrey Kottyan. Sister of Charles Totten. Grandmother of one.

MALATESTA, Mary Margaret, 96, St. Joan of Arc, Indianapolis, July 28.

MARLEY, Robert J., 72, St. Roch, Indianapolis, Aug. 9. Father of BethAnn and Scott Marley. Brother of Sandy Coleman, Margaret Dearinger and Thomas Marley. Grandfather of six. Great-grandfather of two.

MCHUGH, William A., 80, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Indianapolis, Aug. 8. Stepfather of Gail Napier and Dennis Fraga. Grandfather of two. Great-grandfather of three.

MEYER, Charles J., infant, St. John Paul II, Sellersburg, Aug. 2. Son of Brandon Meyer and Emily Eurton. Grandson of Jim and Mary Eurton and Ed and Debbie Meyer. Great‑grandson of Evelyn Eurton and Corenia Hardin.

MORAN-BRAIER, Joanne E., 83, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, Aug. 4. Mother of Karen Beyer, Therese Hannah, Mary Pat O’Connor, Ginny Phillips, Don, Ken and Mike Moran. Sister of Mary Halterman. Grandmother of 28. Great‑grandmother of nine.

O’BRIEN, Michael V., 77, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Aug. 3. Father of Jill Fanning and Michael O’Brien, Jr. Brother of Barbara Minatel, Mary, Patricia, Robert and Thomas O’Brien. Grandfather of three.

PRICKEL, Rosemary H., 86, St. Louis, Batesville, Aug. 11. Mother of Karen Enneking, Margaret Fasbinder, Kathy Ferringer, Joan Wagner, Jerry and Rick Prickel. Sister of Louella Voegele, Fred and George Scheele. Grandmother of 18. Great-grandmother of 15.

ROBINSON, Judith A., 77, St. Jude, Indianapolis, Aug. 12. Wife of Lowell Robinson. Mother of Debbie Nail, Patty Todd and Cathy Wimmenauer. Sister of Peggy Howard. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of five.

SCHASNEY, Joseph M., 96, St. Mary, Greensburg, Aug. 11. Brother of Agnes Mikulski and Rudolf Schasney, Jr. Grandfather of two. Great‑grandfather of four.

SMOLARCZYK, Anelia, 94, Prince of Peace, Madison, Aug. 11. Mother of Jadwiga Baker. Sister of Fabian, Franchek and Josef Sebastian. Grandmother of seven. Great‑grandmother of 14.

SOMMER, Margaret L. (Thinnes), 88, Prince of Peace, Madison, Aug. 12. Mother of Susan Anderson, Mary Brown, Rose Furnish, Sandra Smallwood, Ramona Wild, Donald and John Sommer. Grandmother of 30. Great-grandmother of 44. Great-great-grandmother of three.

TROESCH, Virlee, 82, St. Meinrad, St. Meinrad, Aug. 6. Wife of Walter Troesch. Mother of Lisa Shipman and Steve Troesch. Sister of Ruth Durcholz and Dorothy Schaefer. Grandmother of six. †

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