August 10, 2018

My Journey to God

The Presence of You

You knew me first.
     That’s what I read.
You’re always with me.
     That’s what you said.

When mom introduced us
     early in my life,
I felt a connection
     Peace; absent of strife.

I made some mistakes.
     I’m human that way.
You’d always be waiting
     even when I’d stray.

Always welcoming me back
     with arms opened wide.
Ready to forgive me;
     your love never denied.

Your love is unconditional,
     understanding as I pray.
Through highs and lows,
     you’re here to stay.

As I look back,
     my life in review;
there is no denying
     the presence of you.

By Stephanie Jackson

(Stephanie Jackson is a member of St. Vincent DePaul Parish in Bedford.)

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