July 27, 2018


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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ARIMADO, Marcelina D., 81, St. Michael the Archangel, July 17. Mother of Josie Bradley and Marilyn Bui. Sister of Monica Deogracias and Antonia Viduya. Grandmother of five. Great-grandmother of four.

BENZ, Hugh J., 77, St. Louis, Batesville, June 14. Husband of Darla Benz. Brother of Myra Miller. Uncle of several.

DAVIS, Diana M., 58, St. Mary, Greensburg, July 16. Wife of John Davis. Mother of Bruce, Eric and Matthew Davis. Daughter of Mary Ann and VernonWilmer. Sister of Brenda Clark, Rita Geis, Shirley Rich, Karen White and Carl Wilmer. Grandmother of five.

FRYMAN, Irma, 80, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, June 3. Mother of Sean Fryman. Grandmother of four.

HALL, Agnes L., 96, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, July 8. Mother of Jeanne Farnworth, Pat Rothenberger, Janet Terry, Mary and Steve Hall. Sister of Viola Higgins. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of 24. Great-great-grandmother of four.

HUGHES, John H., 64, St. Augustine, Jeffersonville, July 1. Husband of Mary Beth Hughes. Father of Sally Hughes, Lauren Koetter, Caroline O’Mara, Joell Robbins and Jamie Tretter. Son of Irene Hughes. Brother of Kathy Snelling, Cindy, Susan, George, Jr., Jeff and Jim Hughes. Grandfather of six.

JARDINA, Paul A., Jr., 91, St. Roch, Indianapolis, July 13. Father of Susan Thompson, Brian, Kevin, Mark and Dr. Steven Jardina. Grandfather of 10. Great-grandfather of 11.

LAWLER, Zalma M., 94, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Richmond, July 5. Mother of Linda Johnson, Bonnie Oler and Joyce Wilson. Grandmother of seven. Great-grandmother of 16.

LAUDICK, Alvin C., St. Louis, Batesville, July 16. Father of Mary Beth Gibson, Kimberly Moenter and Gregory Laudick. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of 13.

MCCRAIG, Rick, 50, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, July 7. Son of Christine McCraig. Brother of Ralph McCraig.

PAYNE, Christine A., 65, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, July 11. Sister of Barbara Mendenhall, Kit Titter, Rob and Scott Payne. Aunt and great-aunt of several.

PEDRAZZA, Carlos, 85, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, Feb. 7. Husband of Deysi Pedrazza. Father of Debra and Alvaro Pedrazza. Brother of Matilde, Dr. Alvaro and Victor Pedrazza.

RINCK, Rosemary, 87, All Saints, Dearborn County, July 9. Mother of Suzanne Galle, Maria Knueven, Gerald and James Rinck. Sister of Marjorie and Gary Vogelsang and MaryJo Rinck. Grandmother of 14. Great-grandmother of 10.

SEHR, James R., 88, St. Luke the Evangelist, Indianapolis, July 4. Father of David Sehr. Grandfather of two.

THOMAS, Irvin, Sr., 94, St. Mary, New Albany, July 11. Father of Evelyn Arnold, Patricia Byerley, Barbara Conrad, Donald, Irvin, Jr., James, John and Patrick Thomas. Grandfather of 24. Great-grandfather of 39. Great-great-grandfather of 20.

WYCOFF, Ray T., 85, Holy Spirit, Indianapolis, July 5. Father of Belinda, Lisa, Michelle, Tammy, Tina, Joe and Tommy. Brother of Byron Wells. Grandfather of 13. Great-grandfather of one.

YOUNGS, Dr. Paul E., 82, St. Anthony of Pauda, Clarksville, July 12. Husband of Judith Youngs. Father of Patty Belden, Tammy Cook, Traci Dykes, Timmi McKinley, Nikki, Terry, Mark and Michael Youngs. Brother of Ellen Hobbs, Ellenor Toby and Robin Youngs. Grandfather of 20. Great-grandfather of six. †

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