July 27, 2018

My Journey to God

Be the Grateful One

Several Catholics chatted excitedly about their blessings: extensive travel, a sailboat or ski boat, a second home on a lake, a timeshare by the ocean or a cabin in the mountains. All looked forward to weeks and weekends of enjoyment, and all agreed: “God is so good! We are so blessed!”

Jesus approached and smiled. “I’m so glad you appreciate your blessing! I look forward to seeing you at Mass and delighting in your gratitude, and sharing with you there the greatest Blessing of all!”

The chatter stopped. Awkward glances were passed. One cleared his voice and spoke for the group. “Actually, we, umm, kind of don’t see why that’s really necessary. I mean, you gave these blessings for us to enjoy, right? And we’re always thanking you, saying, ‘God, this is so awesome!’ Besides, we don’t need a church to see you—we see you in the places we visit, the peace of the lake, the waves of the ocean, the beauty of the mountains.”

Jesus bowed His head. “It’s just like the time I healed the 10 lepers,” he sighed. “They regained their lives in society, and gushed to all about their blessing. Yet only one returned to Me, knelt down and offered thanks and praise. Ten I blessed with new life. But only to the one did I also give Life.”

Jesus raised His eyes and looked at the group with love. “Please,” He urged. “Please don’t forego Mass while you’re enjoying the blessing God gave you. Please be the grateful one who takes time to thank Me in person—and in return, be the one who receives Life.”

By Natalie Hoefer

(Natalie Hoefer is a member of St. Monica Parish in Indianapolis, and is a reporter for The Criterion.)

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