July 13, 2018

Letters to the Editor

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Parent says stories shine a much-needed light on young adults’ faith challenges

As a parent of 27- and 24-year-old adults, with interest I have been reading the articles in The Criterion on trying to engage our young adults.

When our first child prepared to enter her freshman year at Ball State in Muncie, Ind., we worked together on the transition from everything to meal plans to bedding. I recall the time during orientation where we showed her the campus church.

It got me thinking … we have sent her to Catholic schools, but now what?

At that time, I contacted our parish, her high school minister at Bishop Chatard in Indianapolis and even the archdiocese asking: Is there a program that would enable me to provide the name of the school my daughter was enrolling in that would then communicate with the campus ministry there? This would enable the campus ministry the tools to reach out in helping her find her way.

This was only nine years ago, but you know the answer I received? Nothing but “that’s a good idea.” I know all are overworked and understaffed.

When we sent her sister away to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., three years later, we again got the same response.

We spent all this time preparing our children for their physical and educational needs as they go to college, but when it came to their faith needs, I had no other resources available.

The bottom line: I hope for the success of the Young Adult Initiative program that Michal Horace is working on that was launched at Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology in St. Meinrad.

The home-to-college transition is so important to our young people. It is a very vulnerable time.

- Alice Wessel | Indianapolis

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