April 13, 2018

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from last week:

Elders inspire faith, Criterion reader says

I loved the article on Mary Weir in the March 23 issue of The Criterion. I actually know one of her granddaughters and love to hear stories about Mary. She’s an amazing woman at 109, and her faith is inspiring.

It got me thinking of all the other strong Catholics in my life who inspire me. (One is) Agnes Hopkins, who is going to be 93 and lives at the St. Augustine (Home for the Aged in Indianapolis). She is my grandmother from a previous marriage, but her story of moving here from England is captivating. She is a devout Catholic, and I always joke with her, calling her “Mother Teresa.”

God and her faith have gotten her through some treacherous times. She was bombed out of her house in Liverpool, England, as a young girl. She was an Army bride to a U.S. man and came over to the United States by boat with her 1-year-old son to meet a family she never knew. She lost a child three days after child birth, and another son in his 20s. Her faith never faltered!

I am always inspired by her love of the Catholic faith.

- Stormie Hopkins | Indianapolis

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