March 30, 2018

My Journey to God

The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (haiku)

My body and blood
to be shared with gratitude
in My memory
Longing for support
I ask them to pray with Me
they can’t stay awake
Father, take this cup
Take My pain and fear away
Let Me do Your will
Peter, did you hear?
The rooster sadly crowing
Where are you, My friend?
You say I’m kingly
I have never claimed this role
When, then, so much fear?
Each whip stroke shocks Me
Never have I known such pain
God, I need Your strength
Heavy wooden cross
object of ridicule
Source of salvation
Woman, claim this son
Son, hold your grieving mother
Travel on in faith
Forgive them, Father
for the mindless things they’ve done
shower them with grace
Into Your hands, God
My spirit there will find rest
My mission is done

By Benedictine Sister Susan Lindstrom

(Benedictine Sister Susan Lindstrom is a member of the Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Beech Grove.)

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