March 9, 2018

Letters to the Editor

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As a society, we must tackle underlying causes of tragic incidents

The recent tragedy in Parkland, Fla., emphasizes the need for responsible organizations to come forward to address the underlying causes for these tragic incidents.

There are two areas the archdiocese might effectively address. The first is public education. In effect, religious teaching has been removed from the public school system for at least 50 years.

It is suggested an ecumenical movement be formed to develop an acceptable program of ethics for the system and presented to our governor for his consideration.

Additionally, authority commensurate with responsibility needs to be returned to teachers. Teachers need a degree of immunity from criticism. Those who have problems need to be dealt with administratively rather than as an adversary.

Some children can be an everyday management problem. The resulting lack of support for the educational system has made it a soft target. (Police station houses are seldom attacked.)

Expulsion of students from the system should be rare, if at all. Incorrigible students should be separated from the general student population and prohibited from participation in school activities. They should remain in school, with appropriate counseling.

The second area will be more difficult to address, but it has to be obvious to all that “entertainment media” is part of the problem. Every day, our children are bombarded by TV alone with the message, “problems are solved with violence.” This problem needs to be presented to senators and House members if it is to be resolved.

Here’s my comment: if the present content of TV had been presented in the late 1940s at the advent of the technology, it would have failed.

In the past, there was a Church program called the “Legion of Decency” listing current movies, etc. One category was morally objectionable. It needs to be revived.

- Emery Mapes | Lawrenceburg

Reader: Beyond prayers, we need steps by lawmakers to address tragic shootings

I am sad, frustrated and angry at our government’s inability to take any kind of action in response to these school shootings. Even “no-brainer” steps such as banning AR-15 rifles, bump stocks and mega clips quickly become gridlocked in Congress.

Years ago, these types of shootings were in malls or places of businesses, or often in post offices, by ex-employees. The term “going postal” became part of our lexicon.

Nowadays, the shootings are in schools and are of kids by kids, with weapons that are far more deadly than in the past. We truly are living in a culture of “violence and death.”

We should also not forget that Satan and his demons haven’t quit, retired or gone on vacation. They’re very much alive and well in this country.

We need “prayers and thoughts,” yes, but also positive steps by our elected officials.

- Sonny Shanks | Corydon


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