March 9, 2018

My Journey to God

Come to the Well

Come to the well. It is deep, it is full,
And you’ll find refreshment for your soul.
This is the well many saints have come to
To draw strength for the mighty things they would do.
This is the place where you can find peace,
Just leave all your troubles at Jesus’ feet.
Be cleansed with forgiveness and drink in His love,
Draw strength from His words and the Father above.
You may be surprised as the woman of old,
Who marveled at all the things she was told.But do as she did and go from this place,
With glowing excitement on your face,
And let others know the good news of the Lord
So that everywhere Jesus will be adored.
And always remember where you need to go
To draw on that strength she found long ago.
But you won’t need a jug to carry with you,
Just a heart that is open to all God will do.

By Gina Langferman

(Gina Langferman is a member of St. Barnabas Parish in Indianapolis.)

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