February 23, 2018

Letters to the Editor

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No letters were printed this week; here is the letter from last week:

Offer help, talk about, and make a difference in fighting drug abuse epidemic

Thank you to The Criterion and to Archbishop Charles C. Thompson for raising awareness about the detrimental effects caused by the drug abuse epidemic sweeping our country. The statistics cited in his “Drug abuse threatens human life, dignity and families” Feb. 2 column are stark and daunting.

I agree that the solution is not “simple or painless.”

As an active board member at Fairbanks, I have seen hope through their work—and the work of other treatment centers in our community. And I have hope that members of our community who are seeking a lifelong road to recovery get the help they need.

I have hope that friends and family members are supporting loved ones as they embrace a sober lifestyle. I have hope that Indiana businesses are offering services and support with dignity for their employees who are struggling with an addiction.

And I have hope that through trusted platforms such as The Criterion that our Catholic community—and the community at large—can continue to keep the conversation about our drug problem strong and relevant.

I believe it takes all of us to talk about it, support it and work together toward a solution. If I can ask your readers just one thing it would be this: “Don’t stand idly by and watch the war on drugs continue without being an active participant in the solution. Offer help. Talk about it. Make a difference.”

- John P. Ryan | President, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Indianapolis

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