November 24, 2017

National Catholic Youth Conference 2017

‘I like spending time with people who value their faith’

Minh-Tam LeNearly everywhere she turned, 16-year-old Minh-Tam Le glowed as she took in all the sights of the festive atmosphere at the Thematic Village of the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC).

She laughed as she watched two of her friends from the Diocese of Santa Rosa, Calif., compete in a giant version of the childhood game, Connect-Four.

She smiled as she watched other teenagers from across the country wear funny and funky hats that ranged from pizzas to cornstalks and from halos to birthday cakes complete with lit candles.

“This energizes my faith,” Minh-Tam said, flashing another smile. “I get to be around people I love, and connect with other teens of my faith. I like spending time with people who value their faith as much as I do.”

They’re exactly the qualities that make her Catholic faith so important to her.

“My Catholic faith means love and unity and sacrifice. It shapes my life and my values.”

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