November 24, 2017

National Catholic Youth Conference 2017

‘I know I will have God to be there with me’

Makenna Kohner-ThesingAt 18, Makenna Kohner-Thesing has made it a point to try to talk to God as much as possible during her four years of high school. She especially needed to talk with him as she prepared for her final exams at the end of her junior year.

“I was extremely stressed, and didn’t know where to turn,” recalls the high school senior from the Diocese of Winona, Minn. “I talked to God about my worries and fears, and asked him to strengthen me during those times.”

The approach worked, but Makenna has embraced a different plan in her senior year.

“Lately, I’ve been backing off from doing the talking. I’m letting him do the talking and the guiding—to let me know what he wants. I’m just trying to continue trusting in him and allowing him to work in my life in ways I might not expect.”

For Makenna, it all adds up to how significant her Catholic faith is for her: “It guides my everyday life.” Still, she came to NCYC wanting to go even deeper.

“I want to expand my relationship with God, and hopefully meet people who will strengthen my faith in him. When I go away to college next year, one of the hardest things will be leaving my family, but I know I will have God to be there with me.

“It’s comforting to know that through talking with God, I’ll feel closer to my family even though we’re miles apart.”

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