March 24, 2017


Please submit in writing to our office by 10 a.m. Thursday before the week of publication; be sure to state date of death. Obituaries of archdiocesan priests serving our archdiocese are listed elsewhere in The Criterion. Order priests and religious sisters and brothers are included here, unless they are natives of the archdiocese or have other connections to it; those are separate obituaries on this page.

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ADKINS, Stella, 94, St. John the Apostle, Bloomington, March 6. Aunt of several.

AMBERGER, Richard, 73, St. Nicholas, Ripley County, Feb. 28. Husband of Jo Ann Amberger. Father of Charlene Dudley and Charles Amberger. Brother of Millie Blanken, Edith Ernstes, Rosemary Gander, Ann Gutzwiller, Delores Linkel, Margaret Thielking, Albert, Bill, David, John and Steve Amberger. Grandfather of four.

CAMPBELL, Gilbert W., 86, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville, March 7. Husband of Alma Campbell. Father of Lisa Flood, Lynn Franz and Paula McCartin. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of nine.

CHILDERS, Joseph, 67, St. Mary, Rushville, March 13. Father of Joseph Childers, Jr. Brother of Janice Sosbe.

DUFFY, Therese M., 89, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, March 5. Sister of Mary Collins and Margaret Smith. Aunt of several.

DUGAN, Dr. Thomas P., 83, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, March 7. Husband of Barbara Dugan. Father of Anne Collins, Mary Harvey, Dr. Margaret Workman, Gregory, Joseph, Michael and Paul Dugan. Grandfather of 27.

FISCHER, Mary R., 91, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, March 2. Mother of Karen Cabell, Patricia Wade, Christine, Elaine, Mary Ann, Susan, David, Greg, James, Jon, Michael and William Fischer. Sister of Molly Campbell and Ann Hurley. Grandmother of 21.

FRITZ, Eugene S., 87, St. Charles Borromeo, Bloomington, March 8. Husband of Elizabeth Fritz. Brother of Raymond Murphy. Uncle of several.

FUSSNER, Eugenia M., 86, St. Mary, Rushville,March 13. Wife of Francis Fussner. Mother of Beverly Gahimer, Pamela Hoeing, Gary, Jeffrey and Thomas Fussner. Sister of Janice Gutzwiller and Mary Ann Miller. Grandmother of six. Great-grandmother of four.

GEDRICK, Charles S., Jr., 93, Sacred Heart, Clinton, Feb. 14. Father of Dottie McCormick, Clida Perry, Marsha Zucca and Charles Gedrick, Jr. Grandfather of 11. Great-grandfather of 19.

GEIS, Robert P., 86, St. Michael the Archangel, Indianapolis, March 1. Husband of Peggy Geis. Father of Letitia Eisenmann, Maureen, Christopher, John, Patrick and Robert Geis. Brother of Kate Lorenz. Grandfather of 18. Great‑grandfather of three.

GREENE, Michael T., 27, St. Mary, New Albany, Feb. 25. Son of Mickey and Rose Greene. Brother of Christina Greene. Grandson of Emogene Greene.

HARDEBECK, Irvin L., 92, Immaculate Conception, Millhousen, March 12. Father of Patrick and Phillip Hardebeck. Brother of Eleanor Stephanic, Clara Wagner and Arthur Hardebeck. Grandfather of seven. Great-grandfather of six.

HEAVRIN, Rodney L., 79, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville, Feb. 28. Father of Melanie and Tony Heavrin. Brother of Nick, Randy and Ted Heavrin. Grandfather of one.

HOAGLIN, Martha A., 73, Christ the King, Indianapolis, March 4. Wife of Don Hoaglin. Mother of Joseph Hoaglin. Sister of Denny Harvey.

KESSANS, J. Ralph, 87, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, New Albany, March 7. Father of Theresa Crowe, Kevin, Mark and Tim Kessans. Brother of Darla Laake and Alma Jean Schnellenberger. Grandfather of nine. Great‑grandfather of four.

LITHERLAND, Elizabeth, 87, St. Paul, Tell City, March 11. Mother of Madonna Brumfield, Debbie Hasenour, Dennis, Jamie and Joe Litherland. Grandmother of 15. Great-grandmother of 18.

LOPP, Elizabeth F., 104, St. Anthony of Padua, Clarksville, March 1. Aunt of several.

MADER, Edwin R.A., 89, Good Shepherd, Indianapolis, March 7. Brother of Agnes Hall and Viola Higgins. Uncle of several.

MARLETT, Leona R., 84, St. Jude, Indianapolis, March 13. Mother of Sandra McDonald, April Nemeth, Karen and Thomas Marlett. Sister of Lucy Corder and Florence Malin. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of 11. Great-great-grandmother of one.

MARTIS, Juliette B., 89, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, March 7. Mother of Linda Heironimus, Lorrie McFadden, Daryl and David Martis. Sister of Clarence Hodgen. Grandmother of 10. Great‑grandmother of several.

MCCORMICK, Alfred R., 93, St. Christopher, Indianapolis, March 8. Husband of Doris McCormick. Father of Lynn Knudson, Kathryn Weber, Kevin, Patrick and Tom McCormick. Brother of Darlene Appel, Pat and Tom McCormick. Grandfather of five. Great-grandfather of four.

MCDADE, Daniel J., 96, St. Luke the Evangelist, March 3. Husband of Elizabeth Crafton. Father of Patti McCartney, Jerome and Thomas McDade.

MYERS, Daniel M., 87, St. Barnabas, Indianapolis, March 14. Husband of Elizabeth Myers. Father of Joan Bellitto, Laura Heinrich, Mary Sheets, Clare, Andrew, James and Michael Myers. Grandfather of 19. Great‑grandfather of four.

RODE, Irene T. (Wathen), 94, St. Jude, Indianapolis, March 9. Mother of Jayne Chambliss, Joyce Lewis, Joan McKinley, Jeff, Jerry, Jim and Joe Rode. Sister of Joe and Leo Wathen. Grandmother of 15. Great-grandmother of 33.

ROSKOVENSKY, Ann, 96, Sacred Heart, Clinton, Feb. 28. Mother of Mary Ann Moy and Jim Roskovensky. Grandmother of four. Great‑grandmother of five. Great-great-grandmother of two.

SCHAFER, Alison M., 22, St. Lawrence, Indianapolis, March 6. Daughter of Neil Schafer and Pamela Prickett‑Schafer. Step-daughter of Marlene Schafer. Sister of Ashley Hardin, Emily and James Schafer. Step-sister of Michelle Griffin and Josh McCullough.

SCHMELZ, Juanita F., 82, St. Mary, Lanesville, March 9. Wife of Marvin Schmelz. Mother of Christopher, John, Michael, Paul and Stephen Schmelz. Sister of Joan Stroud, Jennifer Taylor, Jeanette Whitaker and John Wiseman. Grandmother of eight. Great-grandmother of three.

THELANDER, Mary A., 93, St. Paul, Tell City, March 7. Sister of Catherine Bartholomew, Frank and Louis Kraus. Aunt of several.

TODD, Martha, 91, St. Mary, Rushville, March 9. Mother of Cathy Coffman, Ann Curtis, Susie Fooksman, Peggy Mull, Rosie Osborne, Janie Starkey, David, Jim and John Todd. Sister of Sue Frye and Doris Peterson. Grandmother and great-grandmother of several.

WATSON, Kathryn M., 66, St. Vincent de Paul, Bedford, March 9. Wife of David Watson. Mother of Paul Gillespie, David, Jr. and Michael Watson. Sister of Cindy Ferrell, Bruce, Dennis, Mark and Scott Gillespie. Grandmother of 10.

WATTS, Jacquelyn D. (Kleine), 33, St. Bartholomew, Columbus, March 4. Wife of Michael Watts. Daughter of Ric and Peggy Kleine. Sister of Jennifer Brown. Aunt of several.

WILLIAMS, Arlin L., 80, Our Lady of Lourdes, Indianapolis, March 9. Father of LeeAnn Bone and Susan Jones. Brother of Irene Logsdon, Albert, George and Jim Williams. Grandfather of 11. Great-grandfather of one. †

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